Abigail First Year Portrait – RI Baby Photographer

The first year of a baby’s life is full of… well, firsts!  First food, first words, first holidays, maybe first steps and of course, the first birthday!  It’s amazing that in one year a little baby goes from a lump in your arms to a little person you spend most of the day running after.  Since we are on the subject of running that’s actually what we did at Abigail’s first year portrait shoot.  Her mom and I pretty much chased her around.  When she first arrived she sat still and checked out the studio space.  Then after she warmed up a bit she was running to electrical outlets, wires, anything that was not suitable for a baby to touch.  Made me realize I need to baby proof the studio!  Abigail, you may have been all over the place, but you didn’t stop me from getting some cute photos of you…



Hello down there!


Abigail’s first birthday party is going to be a winter wonderland theme.  Her mom made this outfit to match.  Love crafty moms!



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