Tiny Shoot with Ava

Ava, Ava, Ava!  That’s a name you hear a lot at my house.  My daughter loves Ava!  When I told Ava’s mom, Amanda, about the mini shoot she got so excited!  They just moved into a new house so they need some new pictures for the wall.  The house has a lot of black and white so they got a new dog, Cloe, to match (just kidding)!  The mini shoot was the perfect opportunity to get some pics for the new house that include the new member of the family. 

Something you might not realize from looking at these pictures is that Ava was REALLY sick.  She did not want to miss her chance to pose in her new dress with her new puppy.  So she was a total trooper and did such an amazing job!  She held the dog, moving him when I moved, placing the balloons in the perfect spot every time.  She was a pro!

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