Tiny Shoots with Drew

Tiny Shoot blog post take 2!

How cute is this little guy!?  I mean really!  He was so excited to see the balloons.  Far more excited than any other kid the entire weekend.

This is when he gets his first look at the balloons.

“Seriously?  I can touch them?”

He is having a blast!  I love it!


We didn’t even see him for a couple of minutes.  He had his face buried in the balloons and was not coming out.


Love these pictures of Drew and his Mommy

Little Baby Mackenzie – RI Newborn Photography

It is always a special treat for me when a couple whose wedding I photographed later asks me to do baby pictures!  Your wedding day is the most important day of your life until you have kids.  Then it’s all about the baby.  It’s nice that I get to be there for both of the big love events!  Sean and Amanda aren’t just another couple, they are part of my family.  So this little lady isn’t just another baby!  Mackenzie’s the littlest member of the fam!  She is also going to be my son, Max’s, playmate at all family gatherings.

When I saw this chair at the baby shower I thought “Photo op!”  Isn’t she adorable!?

3 weeks old and already better dressed than me!  Her hat matches the blanket!  This is one fancy baby…


I don’t know if a cuter picture has ever been taken!

Old Friends and New


When I planned my family portrait day I used the power of Facebook to spread the word.  You have to love Facebook.  One of the best parts about doing the shoots was that not only did I meet a lot of new people, but I got to see SO many old friends!  I got to see some of those facebook buddies from high school and even elementary school in real life.  I had a great time!  Maybe one day I will go to a reunion…  NAH!

One person I was excited to see was Gina!  I’ve known Gina since elementary school.  She has come to my sleepovers, I’ve been to her’s.  We grew up together.  Fast forward so many years and here I am taking pictures of her daughter, Anna, and her three week old little baby boy, Eric.  Pretty amazing.


The whole family!  Anna was laying some serious love on her brother.


Love this one!