Tiny Shoot with Cady and Avery

Up next for the tiny shoots is Cady and Avery!  When the girls came in they both sat on the floor.  I put myself in position and started snapping some pictures.  The first picture I took is the one on the left.  Very cute and candid moment of the two sisters holding the balloons.  When I look at that picture now I can literally see the wheels turning in Cady’s head.  She is thinking “When can I stop sitting here and just run?”  Notice the picture to the right is just Avery.  That’s because Cady didn’t waste much time.  She ran circles around all of us!  It’s really no surprise.  That’s what kids are supposed to do.

She was fast, but she is no match for me!  I still got her!


I love these!  How cute are her little pigtails bouncing around?


  1. Heather G · March 1, 2011

    Hey, Mel!!

    These are totally the children of my friend Jay Santo! Not sure if you remember my good buddy Anthony from waaaaay back– as in, way back in Rocky Horror at the Medowbrook days– I used to refer to him as “Rocker Dude”. Jay is one of Ant’s all time best buds!

    I guess that’s good ol’ RI for ya (:

    Hope all is good!

    • Melissa Lacouture · March 1, 2011

      Crazy! You are correct. And we went to high school with his wife, Amanda. Good ole little Rhody!

  2. Amanda · March 1, 2011

    OMG…LOOOOOOOOOOOVE these pics, you totally captured Cady’s personality! They’re wonderful!
    Hey Heather! RI is pretty small, Jay says, “Hi!” 🙂

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