Tiny Shoot with Orion

I was so, so happy to meet Orion.  I don’t know if he felt the same.  I laugh really loud sometimes and I might have scared him once or twice.  Maybe I was a little too excited.  You see Orion’s Dad, Kevin, was one of my best bros when I was a senior in high school.  We both loved the same kind of music and had the same goof ball sense of humor.  We spent a lot of time making stickers in Kinko’s of things we cut out of the Providence Phoenix.  Since Kevin is a year younger than me he would later use those stickers to decorate the letters he sent to me while I was away at school in New York City.   Kevin impressed my cool and brainy roommates by writing William Blake quotes on the envelope next to these very silly stickers.  “Mock on, Mock on, Voltaire, Rousseau”…  I probably still have those letters in a Doc Marten shoe box somewhere.    Anyway, we were bros!  So how could I not be excited to see him again but only now with his lovely family.  Kevin is now an artist, a painter.  He married a very hip lady named Holly.  How can Orion not grow up to be the coolest little man with parents like this?

He looks a little nervous…  I must have been laughing.


Now this is a cool family, right?  Kevin’s face, Orion looks like he is serenading Holly.  I love it.


Orion is wearing a red FuzziBunz!  I love a baby in a cloth diaper.  They are cute AND eco friendly!  They will also save you a ton of money.  I know because I use them for my son, Max.  If you are thinking about making the switch to cloth do it!  You will not regret it.  Email me and I’ll give you some pointers to help get you started.



  1. kevin gilmore · March 4, 2011

    Really amazing Melissa! We love these pictures!

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