Allie at Roger Williams Park – RI Children’s Portrait Photographer


I have spring fever!  Oh yeah.  And it’s pretty bad!  I can’t wait to get outside and take some pictures!  I have some shoots lined up, but you will have to wait.  Until then we are going back in time to October.  Allie’s Mom and Dad brought this beautiful girl to my family portrait day way back when.  She is so adorable!  I love the outfit.  Especially the shoes!  Kelly, if you don’t have anyone to pass your hand-me-downs to Zoe would look great in this!  Just throwing it out there. 

Allie had a great time running and jumping for my camera.  We got some great action shots of her!


  1. · March 17, 2011

    So funny she just grew out of them shoes! I could come up with some stuff for you!

    • Melissa Lacouture · March 17, 2011

      Haha!! What a bad photographer! Grubbing for clothes! You don’t have to do that!

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