Jonah and Ben in Roger Williams Park – RI Children Photography

When Jonah and Ben’s mom approached me about doing a photo shoot of her sons she said that she would give me a million dollars if I could get one picture of the two boys together with both of them looking at the camera.  Challenge accepted!  Looks like I’m in line for a million dollars, Rebecca!  Make all checks payable to Melissa Lacouture.

This is something that a lot of Moms are concerned about.  I have yet to meet two kids that are faster than my trigger finger.  Be on the lookout for Ben and Jonah’s birthday shoot!  I’ll be doing that this weekend and blogging soon after.  These guys both have March birthdays like a certain photographer I know.  Me!  It’s also the month of my little baby, Max’s, birthday.  Obviously good things happen in March!


Jonah’s face cracks me up!


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