Cooper’s First Communion Portrait (with Carson) – Roger Williams Park

For those of you who might have known me in high school then you would also know these handsome dude’s mom, Cindy.  We were sort of inseparable.  We probably killed a forest with the amount of notes that we wrote each other.  We had codes and code names so no one would be able to decipher the important information written in those notes.  I guess you could say we had our own language.  The amount of time spent on the phone…  Let’s just be thankful that there weren’t cell phones back then!  We’d both have brain tumors right now as a result of all the talking.

What is really crazy to me is that Cindy’s son, Cooper, is 9 and about to make his first communion!  We aren’t old enough to have 9 year olds, are we?  I guess so!  Cindy bought Cooper a snazzy new suit for the occasion so she wanted some nice pictures of him taken in it.  Let’s not forget his little brother, Carson!  He also got a matching suit! 

Cooper was a pro at posing!  He jumped in this beautiful tree without me telling him.  Great idea, Cooper!


  1. Cindy Dean · April 17, 2011

    oh WOW! These are incredible!!! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU my amazing friend! I love them!! xoxoxo

  2. Cherie Blanchard · April 17, 2011

    O M G! They are so suave and dapper. ❤

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