Surprise Portrait Shoot at Roger Williams Park – RI Maternity Photography

Ssssshhhhh!  Don’t tell anyone that this portrait session happened.  It’s a secret portrait shoot.  You may notice that these pictures include a beautiful Mommy, adorable little girl and one baby cooking, but where is Daddy?  Well, that’s exactly who can’t know about this shoot.  These pictures are one of the many surprises that await Dad on his upcoming birthday.  The big one is a party!  How much fun is that?  Jen is doing a lot of sneaking around so the hubs doesn’t find out about it.  I hope the pictures and the party are a hit!

Just like every other parent out there, Jen told me that Harlow doesn’t like to sit still for the camera.  Honestly I’d be shocked if I found one that did!  This little lady did a great job and seemed to be having a good time running around the park with me.

So sweet!

At the end of the shoot I got a high five and a hug.  Best part of the job!!

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