Arianna at Roger Williams Park – RI Baby Photography

After about 30 reschedules due to rain we finally got together to do Ariann’s photos which were a birthday present for her Mommy.  After all this time and planning it was Arianna who reminded us that she is the boss.  Not me, not Mommy, and certainly not mother nature.  Oh, yes it was sunny out, but what does that matter when your photo subject is just not into taking pictures.  She just wanted to be with her Mommy.  Who can blame her?  That’s where a baby should be.  Thankfully I am very patient and know that if you wait it out all babies will sit.  Even if it’s just for a minute I can get the job done.

Such a little sweetie!

I love this because it almost looked like I cut her out and pasted her in front of this (which I would never do!)

Finally my moment!  She was happy to sit all by herself.  Time to work some magic…

Sweetest. Picture. Ever!!


  1. CRYSTAL · August 20, 2011


  2. Renee · September 12, 2011

    Adorable, thanks for sharing!

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