Ben and Lilly at Roger Williams Park – RI Family Portrait

I first met Ben and his family a couple of months ago.  His mom was pregnant with a baby sister.  I had the pleasure of doing a maternity shoot/family portrait for them.  Now, Baby Lilly is here!  She is a month old.  They have smart parents who understand what you do for one child you must do for the other.  So, plans were made for Lilly’s photos when she was still in Mommy’s belly.

Obviously when doing photos at this time of the year you have to take advantage of the foliage!  Ben was just as excited about the leaves as I was, but for different reasons.

Here is the new edition!  She is adorable!  I’m a sucker for a baby with lots of hair.  Always makes me smile.

Lilly was full of smiles!  She was a trooper laughing it up outside on a chilly October day with tights on while hanging out in a random basket.  She is a go with the flow kind of baby.

Ben loving his little sis.

This photo is like the holy grail of photos – a one month and a 2-year-old looking at the camera!

On our first photo outing I got some good pics of Ben shaking Bamboo trees so this doesn’t surprise me.

An outfit change…

And she is done!

Thankfully Daddy always makes things better (and a binky doesn’t hurt).

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