Baby Cashel’s 7 month old portrait – RI Baby Photographer

When Cashel’s Mom emailed me about doing photos of her baby boy she said she wanted pictures to preserve his baby cuteness.  I think 7 months is probably the best time for “baby cuteness”.  It’s definitely something that Cashel has a lot of.  Look at those blue eyes!  Everyone has their fingers crossed that they won’t change.  Mom and Dad might be regretting that wish in 15 years when there are girls following their little boy all over the place.  He is one handsome devil.  Let’s not forget to mention the outfit.  There are times when I just want to give my clients a little pat on the back and say “you did good”.  When I saw the tie it was one of those moments…

Some pictures just want to be black and white

Phillip’s First Birthday Cake Smash Portrait – RI Baby Photographer

There are two things that Phillip does not lack – cuteness and expressions.  He made so many fun faces at the shoot!  It was very entertaining.  His Mom and Dad told me that he loves to look in the mirror and make different faces.  Apparently he could see himself in my lens because that’s exactly what he was doing.  He even has one infamous expression that his parents call “The Face”.  Phillip is going to be one year old this next week!  Hopefully he has a great time and enjoys some of the Elmo cake Lauren at Cake-tique is making him.  He wasn’t too fond of having the frosting from the smash cake she made all over him.

There’s one of his funny little faces paired with a sweet, sweet smile.

Those baby blues!

This is my first official cake smash pairing up with Lauren from Cake-tique.  I’m so happy I found her!  From now on any cake smash portraits will included an awesome smash cake made by Lauren.  She is also giving my clients 10% off the birthday party cake if you order through her!  Sweet!  (literally and figuratively)

Aly and Riley’s Fun Dance Portraits – RI Children Photography

A while back Aly’s mom contacted me about doing photos of Aly and her niece, Riley.  They have been dancing pretty much their whole lives.  Instead of opting for the boring old dance portrait you usually get of the girls in their outfits these ladies wanted some fun photos of their daughters.  Something with a little more life.  These are not your grandmother’s dance portraits…

Aly has been dancing since she was three years old!

The first time I did Riley’s photos she had a cast on her arm from a dancing mishap.  She must give it her all.  It obviously didn’t stop her because a year later and she is back doing what she loves.

Such pretty ladies!

Showing off their competition jackets!

Abigail’s Birthday Portrait – RI Children Photography

I’ve done Abigail’s photos quite a few times now, including her first birthday photos.  She was a peanut with short baby hair.  Now look at her!  She will be 2 next week.  Abigail is an absolute sweetie pie.  When she was leaving she said she wanted to give me a “tight hug”.  How could I refuse?  Then she surprised me with a big kiss on the cheek.  I love it when that happens.  Makes me feel like I did a good job.  For her first birthday portrait her mom made a tutu and she did the same for this one.  I try to be crafty myself so I can definitely appreciate some DIY-ness.  She is having a winnie the pooh party hence the eyeore shirt and colors.

At first the kids need to warm up a bit…

Getting a little loose!  Pretty funny!

Some silly faces for the camera

I think she was a little pooped around this time.  When in doubt it’s always good to have the kids pretend to sleep.  Why do they love doing that so much?

An outfit change and a new attitude…