Aly and Riley’s Fun Dance Portraits – RI Children Photography

A while back Aly’s mom contacted me about doing photos of Aly and her niece, Riley.  They have been dancing pretty much their whole lives.  Instead of opting for the boring old dance portrait you usually get of the girls in their outfits these ladies wanted some fun photos of their daughters.  Something with a little more life.  These are not your grandmother’s dance portraits…

Aly has been dancing since she was three years old!

The first time I did Riley’s photos she had a cast on her arm from a dancing mishap.  She must give it her all.  It obviously didn’t stop her because a year later and she is back doing what she loves.

Such pretty ladies!

Showing off their competition jackets!

One comment

  1. Jenn C · February 14, 2012

    Not my grandma’s dance portraits indeed! They look great, and I love the background you picked!

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