Family Portrait at the Studio

I had the pleasure of taking pictures of Rene and Clara at my Holiday Mini Shoot this past year.  I was recently contacted by their mom about doing a family portrait.  With her parents coming in from the Catskills and sister and family coming in from Los Angeles they wanted to get a nice picture of everyone.  Unfortunately the only day we could get everyone together was the day after her sister was flying across country with her hubby and two little ladies.  Taking pictures of toddlers is challenge enough.  Jet lagged toddlers…  You’d think it would be a complete and total wash.  Thankfully toddlers have lots of energy so they got through the shoot like champs.  This is a lovely family and I’m so happy that I did get a chance to take these photos for them.

Someone loves his sister.

They look pretty spunky for having just traveled a long, long way don’t they?

I love candid family shots.

The whole crew!  It’s a miracle!

Running away for the craziness of the big family portrait…

Love this 1, 2, 3…


  1. Kate Hilton Collard · April 6, 2012

    LOVE the ones of Audrey and her daddy! And pretty decent group shots too! Thanks so much!

  2. Nancy Carr · April 7, 2012

    How sweet are those. What a treasure to keep forever. Hoping to see you guys some day soon.
    Cuz Nancy

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