Ricco’s Portrait at the Studio – RI Baby Photography

I first met Ricco when he was about 3 months old.  His family came out to do a mini shoot.  He was just a little lump and now look at him!  He just turned a year old!  One thing he has picked up this year is some modeling skills.  His Mommy said she always has a camera in his face.  You can definitely tell!  Once Ricco starts talking I think I might have him conduct a lesson for all of my portrait clients.  It will be a mandatory class you must take before getting photos done with me.  Ricco would sit still, smile, crawl, stop, sit, smile.  It was a prefect shoot!  If he is still doing this when he is 2 I will be very impressed!

See what I mean?  A natural!

Love the expression on the right…

I’ve mentioned family portrait envy on my site before.  It’s something I experience when I’m editing certain family portraits.  I think “I wish I had a picture like this of my family!”  I was feeling it when I was doing these pictures…

Family portrait envy in full effect…

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