Fourth Year Portrait at the Studio – RI Children Photographer

Yes, mustache’s are so very cool right now BUT not many people have an epic full on mustache like the one on Jon’s shirt.  People have them on their phones, straws, pacifiers, and even the back of their cars.  These people would be envious of Jon’s father’s mustache.  He doesn’t have a silly fake one.  Jon and his Mom told me that Daddy is a firefighter in Boston who has an actual mustache that looks exactly like the one of Jon’s shirt.  Instead of it being just a really cute shirt they are actually giving a little shout out to Daddy in these pics…  and of course Daddy’s mustache.  Jon loves this shirt so much that we had some trouble trying to convince him to change into something else.  I’m sure Mommy went broke at the toy store after this session.  Smart Mom also brought lots of stickers.  Jon beautified my studio between snaps with Lightening McQueen and Buzz Lightyear.  Whatever it takes to get the pic!










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