Cake Smash Session at Roger Williams Park – RI Baby Photography

Roger Williams Park is such a great spot for photos!  So many options and different spots for photos.  When we showed up there was an event in the spot we picked first.  Thankfully the park is massive and I know it like the back of my hand.  We even got to utilize my secret spot where the light is always amazing!  When we first started the planning process Liam wasn’t walking yet, but that sure changed!  He was determined to walk all over the park which isn’t easy on uneven ground.  Thankfully we had his family close by to catch him when he got a little wobbly.  Liam is a year old so it was a cake smash session!  As always Lauren at Cake-tique made our smash cake and this guy couldn’t have been any happier about digging into it!

Lblog01 Lblog02 Lblog03 Lblog04 Lblog05 Lblog06 Lblog07 Lblog08

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