Meredith and Mike’s Maternity Shoot in Newport, RI – RI Maternity Photography

I first met Meredith and Mike when they were shopping around for wedding photographers.  When the left the office I thought “I must do that wedding!”  Thankfully they felt the same way!  I had the pleasure of taking their engagement and wedding photos.  Fast forward…  well a couple of months (these guys were quick!) and here we are doing a maternity shoot!  I was so happy when Meredith told me that she was pregnant because A) babies are awesome and B) I knew I’d get to see one of my favorite couples again!  I can’t wait to meet this baby!  One thing is for sure it will be an honorary 80’s kid.

What better way to end a maternity shoot than some Ben and Jerry’s?!

2011 Rewind :: Family Portraits – RI Family Portrait Photography

Although I’ve been doing wedding photography for coming up on 9 years this portrait “branch” of my business only started in October 2010.  I will give you some background…  In September of 2009 I sent out an email to my closest friends and family explaining that I wanted to do a family portrait day.  I told them I would be in Roger Williams park for a certain amount of time and that they could pick a time to come for… say 20 minutes or so to get a nice portrait of the family.  Did I mention that I was offering to do this for free?  Photos are so important to me so I wanted to make sure that the people closest to me had some nice ones of their loved ones.  Only one person did it (thanks, Marisa!).  Then in September of last year I thought “I’m going to try to do a family portrait day again, but this time I will post it on Facebook and actually charge money.”  My husband said when I came up with the idea he thought “It’s going to be so sad if no one does it again”.  My family portrait day turned into three days, I booked 20 people, and 99% of those people have been repeat customers or referred future clients to me.  I would say my business started there.

In the past year I’ve met so many great people and made new friends.  I never would have dreamed year ago that I’d have a web site, a studio, and so many wonderful clients.  2012 is going to be a really exciting year for me.  I can’t wait to start on the plans that I have.  Before all that happens I thought we should take a stroll down memory lane and leave 2011 with a bang!  Here are some of my favorite family portraits that I’ve taken over the past year, definitely not all of them but a nice mix.  Enjoy the family love!  Next up will be newborns…

Aisha, Dave, and Hulk’s Family Maternity Shoot – RI Maternity Photographer

There aren’t many people I would drive 2 hours to do photos for, but I had to do it for Aisha and Dave.  I had the pleasure of assisting at their wedding with Trish from Snap! Photography.  We really had a blast with them.  I think they will go down in the books as one of the best couples to work with.  That’s why there was no way I could pass up the opportunity to see these guys again.  Aisha is due to have their first baby in January.  I don’t know about you ladies, but I did not look this good when I was 34 weeks pregnant!

Obviously this is a good looking couple!  I remember two things when I think about their wedding.  I remember how much I laughed at all of Dave’s jokes and movie references.  I also remember how crazy in love he was with Aisha.

Here is Hulk!  This dog did not want to get his picture taken.

It wasn’t long before Hulk here was off his leash and literally running circles around the photo shoot.

Aisha said the little guy was kicking while we were doing photos.  He must like getting his picture taken.  I guess he is going to be excited to meet me in January!

And, yes, it is a boy!!  Aisha told me that Dave high fived the ultrasound technician when they found out.

Here comes Hulk!  I did mentally prepare to get plowed over while I was taking these photos, but he moved just in time.  He is a good puppy so I don’t think he really planned on taking me down.  He was just having fun.

Finally he is ready to sit…  But only for a second

Completely tuckered out…

A Peek at Melissa’s Maternity Portrait – RI Maternity Photography

Nine months may seem like a long time when you are pregnant, but it really is a blip on the radar in the grand scheme of things.  You may be a little exhausted, maybe sick to your stomach at times, but once you feel that little flutter of movement it is all worth it!  I don’t think I have to tell anyone how amazing it is to have a life grow inside of you.  Instead I will remind everyone to do something special to remember this time in thier lives.  I was very reluctant to have pictures taken of myself when I was pregnant with my second child, but I did them.  The pictures I have of my daughter, Zoe, and my pregnant self are now so special to me.  At the time I was uncomfortable and ready to pop.  I don’t see that when I look at the pictures now.  They bring me back to a time filled with excitement and anticipation to finally meet the little guy who would complete our family.

Melissa on the other hand has always wanted to do maternity pictures.  I was happy to be the one who got to take them for her!  She is expecting a little boy in September.  In an email she told me ” Oh and I’m thrilled he’s a boy! I wanted a boy and still get teary every time I think about him! I’m thrilled I get to be his mom!”