Emma and Nicholas at Roger Williams Park – RI Children’s Photography

If you follow my site then you must have seen these kids.  How could you forget them?  When their Mom asked me to do some Easter pictures there was a lot of plans.  She was going to get a bunny, but the bunny was too much of a diva.  It couldn’t make it to the shoot because it needed a salon day.  Then she was going to bring some Easter-y kind of stuff for the pictures and forgot it all at home.  For those of you who have more than one kid and a puppy you can understand how these things happen.  When your kids are as cute as Emma and Nicholas you don’t really need anything!  Those eyes are enough cuteness for one person to handle!


I love these!

This is such a great time for pictures!  All the blooming trees are so colorful.  If you blink you will miss it!  It is here and gone in a flash.  I’m so happy I got to take advantage of them while they are here.

Throwing flowers up in the air

Francesca Portrait Shoot in Providence – RI Children Photography

I’m so happy that my daughter, Zoe, has a friend like Francesca.  She is one of my most favorite people in the world.  Francesca is  spunky to say the least and full of energy.  So when it was time to do her pictures I looked for some cool spots in Providence.   I thought the city would fit her personality.  It was definitely an adventure.

Of course Zoe had to be included in these pictures!  Zoe’s Dad and Francesca’s Dad are best friends.  Over the years Francesca’s Mom has become one of my closest friends.  It is no wonder that these two are now as Francesca says “Best Buds”.  It’s in their genes!

We drove all over town to some crazy locations!  Thank you for indulging me, Liz!