Family Portrait Time – RI Family Portraits

I have had the pleasure of photographing this family for the past three years. My first session with them was part maternity session! Now look how big these boys are getting. It’s so nice to be able to go to someone’s house to do photos. It doesn’t hurt that they have a fabulous yard! It’s also so easy for the kids to just run around, play with their toys and be themselves.

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Charlie’s One Month Old Portrait – RI Newborn Photography

I recently met up with Charlie’s best bud, Miles, to take his newborn photos. When Charlie’s parents saw them they contacted me about doing some of their new little boy.  Charlie had some great things around the house for us to work with.  He had a vintage wooden box that was made for explosives, diapers with skull and crossbones on them, and some wooden toys made for him by his grandfather.  Add in some major natural cuteness on Charlie’s part and you have a photographer’s dream!

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Hailey’s Newborn Session

I’m so happy that I have the job that I do.  One of the many reasons is that I can get my baby fix.  What I mean is that I have two little ones.  Love them!  But I won’t be having any more.  That is the plan.  Sometimes you think back to when your children were babies and you think how nice it would be to hold a baby once again.  Thankfully I see cute little babies pretty much every week!  Like little Hailey here!  She was so adorable and so, so happy to sit in my little basket and just sleep.  We even got lots of photos of some very cute sleep smiles while she was dozing off.  She was perfect…

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