“Three weeks after giving birth to my son Eric, we went to Roger Williams Park to have our first family pictures taken by Melissa. I thought it may be a lost cause considering we hadn’t slept in weeks, but Melissa was able to capture the most amazing shots of my children… capturing my son’s innocence and my daughter’s… goofy and loving personality. Thank you Melissa for a wonderful experience!”

Gina DiMartino

“As a mother of 2 toddlers with autism, I never dared to attempt going to a typical photo studio and getting professional pictures. I was afraid the boys would be terrified by the lights and equipment. With their social and communication problems they just don’t understand to stay in one place and look at a camera. Melissa was brave, patient, compassionate, understanding and nonjudgmental. She was able to work with us and capture beautiful pictures of my sweet babies and our family. Now I finally have professional pictures hanging on the walls of my home, just like the parents of ‘normal’ kids. ♥ On especially challenging days, the pictures remind me what is possible and they give me hope.”

Cherie Blanchard

“Melissa is the BEST!! My family loves her and just had her over this a.m to shoot our newest member of our family – Dillon. We met Melissa when she was doing a wedding for my best friend and fell in love then. We had her do our son Hunter 1 year pictures and they came out incredible. We used them for our Christmas card and framed many of them and gave them as Christmas presents
Why we chose to use Melissa is her sweet nature, talent for the best shots and because she is wonderful with our children. She is patient which is important while working with a 11 day old baby and an active 15 month old. She is truly amazing !”

Brooke Thomas

“Melissa, thank you so much for doing my wedding. As I sit here looking through and through all my photo’s (trying to make a favorite folder) I keep coping all of them! They came out so amazing!! I never thought of myself as “photogenic” but you made me look (and) feel beautiful! Thank you again so much! I will have th…ese photo’s for the rest of my life! I could not be happier! ♥ Well… unless I could do it again! HAHAHA :)”

Alicia Smith

“Hi Melissa –
We really had a blast with you yesterday and wanted to let you know how much we appreciate you being so patience with us being late and having Hunter run around. My husband and I think your amazing… The pictures are incredible !! we are so happy :)”

Brooke Thomas

“I LOVE THEM!!!!!”

Laura Spada

“Just viewed all the photos!!!!! I’m LOVING them….even though Travis was tough there are so many good ones to chose from…LOVE the ones of Riley where you are looking down on her…BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much!!!! Now i have to decide how many to order!!!!!!! Thank you again….I’m loving them all!!!”

Cherie Williamson

“I just have to say Melissa takes some of the best pictures….for every important and unimportant event in my life, Melissa has been the ONLY one to really capture those experiences with skill and creativity. Not an easy task. While, like most people I have had other photographers take pictures, time and time again it is Melissa’s pictures that I cherish and love the most! Thanks Melissa.”

Liz Paola

“A tempermental toddler and a rambunctious one year old…looked amazing and cooperative in Melissa’s photos! Thanks for making picture taking a truly enjoyable experience!”

Kerry Martinelli

“Thank you Melissa for not only capturing these three silly kids looking at the same time but each ounce of their personalities! The best photo session I have ever had with them and I can’t wait for more to come. You truly are an artist, amazing job…Thank you Thank you Thank you! Now to find spots for all the great pics…”

Jennifer Piscione

“Melissa took my son’s six month old pictures a few years ago, and they were better than I could have hoped for! Both of my boys had a blast during the shoot, and the pictures all came out fabulous! The hardest part for me was deciding which ones to frame, since I couldn’t afford to frame them all!! :)”

Cindy Dean

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