Baby Alex at Roger Williams Park – RI photography

On my family portrait day I had the pleasure of meeting Michelle, Matt and the new edition to the family, Alexander. I took these photos back in October. I believe he was about 6 months old. Adorable is the first word that comes to mind! Those cheeks, those eyes! I would be remiss if I didn’t discuss the hat. It’s a little ridiculous

Here is little Alex with his adoring Mom, Michelle.  There’s just something about having a son.

I guess Alex has both parents wrapped around his finger already!  If you ask me there is nothing wrong with that at all!

Abigail at Roger Williams Park – RI Baby Photographer

Roger Williams Park, again!? I can explain. This past fall I did a special where I met people in the park to do portraits. I did almost 20 portrait sessions in Roger Williams in the course of 3 days! That is a lot of Roger Williams! So, you will be seeing a lot of the park on my blog.

This is Abigail. She is such a happy little baby! I couldn’t believe how easy it was to get her to smile! A photographer’s dream! And can we talk about the outfit? Such a great fall dress. Let’s not forget those boots! Maybe Robeez? I’m not sure, but they are adorable! Another favorite part of these pictures…  Just a little drool in every one of them!  Haha!  What can I say?  Babies drool!  My little boy won’t stop! 

Abigail is turning 1 in February. They grow up so fast! Someday she can look at these pictures and see what a beautiful baby she was…

My Little Ones

Who are the two most photographed kids in the world?  These two kids!  Why?  Because they are mine!  I have SO many pictures of them and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  This is Max and Zoe.  It’s Max’s first Christmas which means this year is his first apperance on our holiday card!  It’s his big debut!  It’s an old hat for Zoe though.  She is totally into getting her picture taken.



My husband loves the tie.  He said that Max looks like “a drunk republican”


Zoe lurking in the back wondering why she isn’t front and center in these pictures..

She’s back in the spotlight!  Max is not too happy about it!  Photo shoot done!

The fabulous Ava

When Ava’s mom, Amanda, wanted some pictures of her beautiful daughter I was happy to help. Ava and my daughter, Zoe, have been bros since the old days of baby Gymboree class. They met and instantly fell in love. Now three years later they are still buds. Because Zoe loves Ava so much I thought it would be fun to bring her along. Probably not the best idea since Zoe wanted to be in EVERY picture with Ava!

This is what I ended up with! They were having a blast!

I finally got Zoe to step aside for a couple of pictures.

 One of my faves!  I love pictures of kids being kids.  This is a classic!

Posing in the park

It’s not easy fitting a portrait shoot into this family’s schedule! They are busy, busy. There was a lot of emailing and scheduling, but they finally were able to fit me in. When I met them they were fresh from a visit to Disney World! Sort of jealous.  Not going to lie.   

This is Emma. She is a super poser!


That’s Emma with her brother, Nicholas.  Can you stand the cuteness?  Seriously…


By no means is Nicholas a serious boy.  This was definitely a quick moment in time.


There he is!


The whole family