Mandy, Derrick and Ada (plus Roscoe) at Roger Williams Park – RI Family Photographer

 One of the first things you must think about my web site is “Man, that is one awesome banner!”  Well, we can thank Mandy here for designing it.  Although I think she’d prefer it if you said the banner was rad instead of awesome, but that’s ok. 

 Mandy and I have lots of mutual friends, but had never met.  Then when I was pregnant with my son, Max, I found out that this mysterious person named Mandy was also pregnant.  Mandy was due to have her baby two weeks after me.  Then Max turned out to be breach (or should I say didn’t turn at all).  Mandy also had a stubborn breach baby.  All these similarities, but we never met.  Once I had Max my husband was always saying how cool Mandy was and how I should hang out with her.  Well, she is and now I do (when it isn’t snowing and if either of us can ever find the time). 

Here she is with her stubborn little lady, Ada, Derrick and their first baby and puppy, Roscoe.  These are definitely some of my favorite family pics to date.  I hope they love them as much as I love my banner.  Thanks, Mandy!





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