Only a week old – RI Newborn Photography

Ben has probably doubled in size since I took these pictures back in May.  His mommy wanted me to hold off on the blog until the birth announcements went out.  I can relate – I don’t show anyone our Christmas card photo until the cards have been released.  Finally I get to post pictures of this beautiful little guy!  The ones I took of him and his big brother, Sam, are some of the cutest pictures ever…

I think Sam would have sat there all day with him brother if we had let him.  He was so gentle…

And he beamed when I said he was a good big brother.

Love these!

Crazy babies need pictures too

The most common thing I hear when someone contacts me about doing pictures is “I’ve never been able to get a good picture of him”, “She won’t sit still”, and the famous “You’ll have your work cut out with this one”. Well, little does everyone know I also have a baby that is impossible to get a nice photo of, but it does happen. Yesterday my oldest wasn’t home so I decided to take 10 minutes to try and get a nice picture of my little monster. Mission complete…

Birthday Portraits at the Park – RI Children’s Photographer

If you’ve been to my blog before chances are you’ve seen these two little guys.  They are my best customers and two of my favorite kids to take pictures of.  Recently they both celebrated their birthdays.  Emma turned 5 years old and Nicholas is now 3!  What better occasion to take some pictures than a birthday?

Outfit changes are always fun at a portrait shoot.  Emma picked out this dress because it is so fancy – just like she is!

A portrait session with Nicholas would not be complete without his serious close up.

Matthew’s Beach Mini Shoot – RI Baby Photographer

If we were giving out awards for most smiles smiled in a 20 minute time span that award would go to Matthew.  We should actually give it another award to his parents for making it happen.  I heard a lot of craziness going on behind me while I was snapping away.  I always miss out on the fun stuff!  At one point while we were shooting Matthew came right over to me and sat on my lap.  It seriously melted my heart and it possibly the cutest thing that has ever happened to me at a portrait shoot.