Holiday Mini Shoots at the studio 2011

What fun I had this holiday season taking pictures of all these cute kids!  I posted some pictures on my Facebook page.  Now I have some going up here, but I still haven’t covered everyone!  I think I did pictures for almost all of my past clients and met so many new families on top of that.  It was a pleasure and an honor to take your babies’ photos.  As a Mommy of two I know how fast they change and sometimes you just want to freeze them at a certain age.  Years from now I hope the pictures I took will bring you back to this particular time in their life.  I’ve been getting a lot of holiday cards from clients that used my photo on their card.  I have to say it makes me feel good!

So here are some of the many holiday pics taken over the past month or so.  Enjoy!

Happy Holidays!!

Matthew’s Beach Mini Shoot – RI Baby Photographer

If we were giving out awards for most smiles smiled in a 20 minute time span that award would go to Matthew.  We should actually give it another award to his parents for making it happen.  I heard a lot of craziness going on behind me while I was snapping away.  I always miss out on the fun stuff!  At one point while we were shooting Matthew came right over to me and sat on my lap.  It seriously melted my heart and it possibly the cutest thing that has ever happened to me at a portrait shoot.

Cousins Beach Mini Shoot – RI Family Portrait Photographer

This family was referred to me by another client of mine.  She warned me that these kids were some of the cutest I would ever see.  She was right!  It also helps when your Moms are on top of things.  Not only were they in perfect beach outfits, but they also brought so many great “props” – an adorable knit stuffed mermaid, star fish, a cute stuffed doggie.  Picture perfect add ons always help!