Twins at Goddard Park – RI Baby Photography

I can imagine that having identical twin babies can sort of make you feel like a celebrity.  When I asked Mom and Dad what it was like to get everyday tasks done like going to the grocery store they told me that the hardest part is being stopped by people who wanted to oooh and aaahhh over the twins.  As a matter of fact we were approached by a lady during our shoot who just couldn’t get over how cute these little ladies were.  I guess it’s sort of a good problem to have.  Who could blame all these strangers for becoming adoring fans when they see such cutie pies?

I’m just thankful I got to take photos of these ladies before they learned to walk or crawl.  That made my job easier.

See they are celebrities.  Time for an outfit change!

Best Friends in Providence, RI – RI Portrait Photography

Before we go any further here I just want to make one thing clear – Brett and Kate are NOT dating!  That was one of the first things that was said when we met for the shoot.  I was told not to bring the romance to these photos.  Done.  I’ve never actually done a Best Buds shoot and it was fun.  I think that shows in the photos.  Today just happens to be Brett’s birthday so I wanted to get this post up today in honor of that.  Happy Birthday, Brett!  I hope you guys like the pictures!  PS Kate, I know you are going to be totally critical about how you look so I just want to say that I personally think you look beautiful in all of them!

DiMartino Family Portrait in West Warwick, RI – RI Family Portrait Photography

I was contacted a couple of months ago by my old friend, Gina, about doing a family portrait.  It’s not everyday that the family is together.  With siblings in California, New Jersey, and Kentucky it’s rare that they are in the same room together.  I was excited to do it because I’ve known Gina since elementary school and went to school with all of her brothers and sister at some point in my life.

Here is the newest edition to the family!  Lisa and John had this little guy two weeks before the portrait shoot.  Meet Michael!!

The whole crew!

The little guy on the right, Eric, wanted to eat and was not afraid to let everyone know.  Thankfully I got a picture before the tears started.

If you graduated from West Warwick High School in the 90’s you know at least one of these guys!

We lost Eric!

Yup, Eric is all set with this picture stuff.

Finally happy smiling!  We can thank Daddy for that.