Best Friends in Providence, RI – RI Portrait Photography

Before we go any further here I just want to make one thing clear – Brett and Kate are NOT dating!  That was one of the first things that was said when we met for the shoot.  I was told not to bring the romance to these photos.  Done.  I’ve never actually done a Best Buds shoot and it was fun.  I think that shows in the photos.  Today just happens to be Brett’s birthday so I wanted to get this post up today in honor of that.  Happy Birthday, Brett!  I hope you guys like the pictures!  PS Kate, I know you are going to be totally critical about how you look so I just want to say that I personally think you look beautiful in all of them!


  1. Cherie Blanchard · August 12, 2011

    Those are great!!!

  2. Debbie Haxton · August 14, 2011

    Beautiful work Melissa!!!

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