Alex’s Senior Portrait – RI Senior Portraits

When the Lifetouch Senior Portrait brochure showed up at the house Alex ripped it up and said “Meesha is taking my senior portrait”.  Meesha is me and Alex is my brother.  There is a big age difference, I won’t say exactly how much of a difference.  Let’s put it this way – he has referred to me as his “Mother Sister”.  I can still remember my Mom and Dad leaving the house to go to the hospital to have the new baby (I was a teenager and totally freaked out seeing my mom in labor so I decided to stay home).  I remember hearing him cry in the middle of the night, getting up to help change a diaper.  Now he is a senior in high school and the best uncle ever to my little ones.  It’s sort of unbelievable.  Alex, I love you and I’m so proud of what a good person you’ve grown up to be!  Thanks for letting me take your senior pictures.

It’s different taking your brother’s pictures.  People usually listen to me, but Alex sort of just laughed at me or refused to stand where I wanted him to.  Not many people fight me.  I guess that’s what little brothers are supposed to do.

Alex plays bass and guitar.  I can’t wait to go see him play in a band!

I had to put in a couple of outtakes.  As I said he is a great Uncle.  My daughter insisted on joining us for the shoots and got in on some of the picture taking action.

Not the best assistant but she is cute.

One comment

  1. mariah · October 6, 2011

    I can’t even belive this is Alex! He looks like a man in these photos- what happened to 7th grade Alex? Time flies! very handsome portraits- love the shots with Zoe- too cute!!!

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