Aisha, Dave, and Hulk’s Family Maternity Shoot – RI Maternity Photographer

There aren’t many people I would drive 2 hours to do photos for, but I had to do it for Aisha and Dave.  I had the pleasure of assisting at their wedding with Trish from Snap! Photography.  We really had a blast with them.  I think they will go down in the books as one of the best couples to work with.  That’s why there was no way I could pass up the opportunity to see these guys again.  Aisha is due to have their first baby in January.  I don’t know about you ladies, but I did not look this good when I was 34 weeks pregnant!

Obviously this is a good looking couple!  I remember two things when I think about their wedding.  I remember how much I laughed at all of Dave’s jokes and movie references.  I also remember how crazy in love he was with Aisha.

Here is Hulk!  This dog did not want to get his picture taken.

It wasn’t long before Hulk here was off his leash and literally running circles around the photo shoot.

Aisha said the little guy was kicking while we were doing photos.  He must like getting his picture taken.  I guess he is going to be excited to meet me in January!

And, yes, it is a boy!!  Aisha told me that Dave high fived the ultrasound technician when they found out.

Here comes Hulk!  I did mentally prepare to get plowed over while I was taking these photos, but he moved just in time.  He is a good puppy so I don’t think he really planned on taking me down.  He was just having fun.

Finally he is ready to sit…  But only for a second

Completely tuckered out…

Hanna’s First Year Portrait – RI Baby Photographer

When I first saw Hanna I thought she looked like a little doll.  She is just turning one year old!  As a matter of fact she had a birthday party today to celebrate.  Happy Birthday, Hanna!  I’m so happy that I’m posting these pictures the day of her party.  Hope these bring a smile to Mom’s face after a fun (and I’m sure exhausting) day!!

This little girl was all over the studio, but not fast enough to get by me.

Such a beauty!  I love these two pictures (esp the one of the left)

Tutu’s are pretty tasty

Such a happy baby

A change of scenery.  I love my new backdrop… LOVE it!

Ada’s Portrait at Roger Williams Park – RI Baby Photography

The initial plan for Ada’s portrait was to take a ride up to Lincoln Woods.  Ada has been going there with her mom since she was a peanut.  She comes from an outdoorsy family that loves to be close to mother nature.  When her mom spied this amazing hut during a walk through Roger Williams Park she had a whole new idea for Ada’s photos.  Her mom, Mandy, is a super talented artist.  Just look up at the top of my web site.  See that banner?  Mandy designed it.  The hut inspired Mandy to add a little something to our photo shoot.  She texted me “I’m bringing something for the photos.  I went to RISD so bear with me”.  I totally trust Mandy and knew whatever she had in mind would be (as she would say) rad.  When she showed up with this cool bird mask for Ada that she made that morning I was very excited to start the shoot!

There she is!

Mandy jumped in for some pictures.  Unfortunately Ada’s Daddy is camera shy.  That’s right, Derrick.  I’m calling you out.

Love this one!

What a beautiful day in November!?  The weather has been so crazy!  I’m not complaining though.

Ada is used to maneuvering through the woods.  I think she is better at it than I am.  It’s in her blood.

Wearing Mom’s necklace as a headband…

Tickling her face with the grass…

The many expressions and emotions of Ada…

Seriously!  What a gorgeous day it was!

She was very excited to show me all the rocks she found.

Such a beautiful little girl.

Baby Sam – RI Baby Photography

I had the pleasure of meeting little Sam and his Mom at their beautiful house last week.  Sam is definitely a laid back kind of fellow.  He was pretty content to do whatever, lay where ever, and wear whatever.  I think he understands the value of cute baby photos and how happy they would make Mommy.  Already a Mama’s boy!  Nothing wrong with that!

I just love this red sweater one piece!

Beautiful baby + Beautiful floors = Happy photographer

Love this one!

I love these pictures of him in his crib.  He is just having a blast with his awesome mobile.

He started cracking up while wear this adorable jester style hat.  Very appropriate!

Ready for a nap!