2011 Rewind :: Newborns – RI Newborn Photography

I have to say looking at all the family portraits that I posted yesterday made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  Today’s post is no different.  After the family comes together the newborn baby makes it that much stronger.  I’ve had the absolute pleasure of documenting the new edition for some families.  I love all the stages and ages for different reasons.  What I love about doing a newborn shoot is that one moment when for just a split second they look right into my camera lens.  Those are always “the one” picture from the portrait session.  I also love just being around them.  They are only new for a short, short period of time.  I love watching them stretch and yawn, but above all I love listening to them breathe.  Being new to air and all they sound like they have been smoking for the past 20 years.  Maybe not so cute for an adult, but when an 8 pound cutie pie is doing it it’s adorable.

So in this rewind we are checking out some of the highlights from my newborn shoots of 2011.  Tomorrow…  Lot of babies.

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