2011 Rewind :: Toddlers – RI Baby Photography

Toddler…  Oh, it’s a bad word for some people.  The terrible two’s, troublesome three’s.  Anyway you cut it this is the group that gets the most grief.  They are older and wiser.  They know what they want and they want it now!  This is the group that makes me work for it.  I have to wear many hats when photographing the toddler.  Sometimes I’m a total goof ball, running around, saying silly things and acting a fool to get some cooperation.  Sometimes it’s a marathon and I literally just chase them throwing optimal lighting situations and beautiful backgrounds out the window.  If the toddler wants to stand in front of a dumpster then I either have to make it work or wait until I can trick them into doing something else.  For the skittish toddler I am quiet and patient waiting for my moment to pounce.  Whatever it takes.  Parents have told me that I have the patience of a saint.  I think it’s that I just love kids.  You have to if you want them to be comfortable with you.  They can smell phony-ness a mile away.

I actually own one of these crazy toddler creatures.  He is the type I would have to chase around to get a nice picture.  I’m starting off this post with my two favorite pictures of him from 2011.  I can’t get enough of his hair!  I love it so much that it drives me crazy!   Next up will be the kids!

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