Baby Roman – RI Newborn Photography

A couple of weeks back I did a maternity shoot with the beautiful Aisha and handsome hubs, Dave.  At the shoot we had a chat about how Aisha was a little nervous that the baby might come late.  Apparently Dave and Aisha are late for everything so it only makes sense that their offspring would follow suit.  Baby Roman decided to start rebelling sooner than later.  He made his entrance two weeks early.  I guess he wanted to be home for Christmas!  Roman is a perfect mix of his mom and dad.  Such a handsome little man!  He was very cooperative with us and our crazy ideas.  I actually think we might have been boring him because he could hardly keep his eyes open.


I love this one!

Usually I hate to see wrinkles (mainly mine), but in this case they are adorable!


Aisha bought some cute little knitted accessories.  I love this sleep sac!

My favorite foot photo ever

It’s hard being 2 weeks old.

This antique barber chair was Dave’s father’s.

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