Logan’s Second Birthday Portrait Shoot at Hope Artiste Village – RI Portrait Photography

I love this portrait session.  I love it because it is perfectly Logan.  Logan just turned 2 years old.  She is a super toddler.  No, I mean it.  She has a toddler intellect and is wicked smart.  I wouldn’t have been surprised if she broke out the Periodic Table and started to give me a lesson on the elements.  There is only one thing that moves faster than Logan’s brain…  Her feet!    She is a runner!  I chased her all over Hope Artiste Village (the amazing building that my studio is located in).  First we did some pictures in front of the spring set in the studio then the race was on…

And outfit change and we are off…

Who needs headbands?  Logan pulled out three different hair accessories during the shoot.

I love taking pictures of Logan for many reasons.  One being that her parents like to do her photo shoots in fun locations.  Last time we did Logan’s pictures in Downtown Providence.  For this shoot we decided on Hope Artiste not only because it’s where my studio is located, but Logan’s Dad was one of their first tenants!  He still has his art studio in the building.  It made it the obvious first choice.

She is just so cute!  And don’t get me started on the dress!  I’m in love with the ensemble.

Doesn’t she look so happy and full of energy in all these pictures?  That’s why I love them all so much.

Logan’s theme song should be “Born to Run”

Avery’s Birthday Cake Smash – RI Baby Photography

I knew that Avery’s family must have good taste when her Mommy told me that she was having an owl themed birthday party.  I think pretty much anything with an owl on it is adorable.  Just like Avery!  She was full of life and lots of smiles.  I had to work for these pictures.  I was literally chasing her around my studio.  It being the end of winter I think I’m a little out of shape, but it didn’t stop me from getting some great pictures of Avery.  I had better start training now because I’m photographing her first birthday party in a couple of weeks.  There are going to be a ton of kids for me to chase.  I’m going to break out my running shoes!

Avery was lucky enough to be the first to get her picture taken on my new spring set!  You know you want to bring in your kids to photographed in front of this.

How adorable is she!?

Time of another cake smash with a custom cake made by my smash partner, Cake-tique!