Big Sister and New Baby Brother Newborn Portrait – RI Newborn Photography

I had the pleasure of making a house call to do some photos of this new baby boy, Victor, and his sister, Luciana.  Victor is only a couple of weeks old and Luciana is almost 2.  Since their birthdays are so close we were able to take newborn shots and a 2 year portrait for sis in the same session.  You would think a shoot with one newborn and one toddler would be crazy, but it was pretty laid back.  When you are dealing with so much cuteness it just makes things easier.

Here is Victor and all of his cute little expressions…

Big sis got to go outside for her pictures.  She is adorable!!

Back inside Victor is doing a lot of the same…

It was a misty day and I happened to have a pretty awesome rainbow umbrella.  It is sort of huge, but Luci was still excited to play with it.

someone loves her little brother

I just love these pictures!

She was so gentle with the baby.

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  1. Barbie · May 31, 2012

    Thank you so much, they are beautiful pictures!

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