Anneliese’s Newborn Shoot with her Big Brother – RI Newborn Photography

I am so happy to do the job I do.  This is little Anneliese!  I’ve been taking photos of her two year old brother since he was 3 months old.  Now I get to add this little beauty to my list of “models”.  It really does give me so much joy to document these amazing moments for people and to meet such wonderful families!  I know Mommy has her hands full right now with the two little ones.  Michelle, I hope you can sit for a minute and look at these!  Don’t worry!  You will catch up with everything in about two years…  maybe!  Haha!  In the end it’s all worth it.

I love her little red post feeding nose!

A smile!!

Does it get any better!?  Alex was being such a good little boy laying still with his sister.  I think he was so excited to have her lay on him.  Michelle, here is your new Facebook Cover Page Photo!

Alex wants attention!  The headband was working for Anneliese so why not!  Annaeliese doesn’t know what to think.

Time for a nap!  She was up for 10 minutes!  Exhausting…

One comment

  1. Brian Silverstein · June 21, 2012

    Very Nic Pics! Alexander looks identical to Matthew Fabisch when he was a baby!

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