Baby Miles in Narragansett, RI – RI Baby Photography

This is a much-anticipated blog post for me (and Miles’s mommy)!  Miles’s Daddy has been a friend of mine since the fourth grade.  Needless to say he is one of my oldest friends and I love him dearly.  When he got married I gained another friend in his beautiful wife and now they’ve added a new person to the mix of people I love!  Yeah because it’s all about me!  Haha!  Since the family lives in Seattle I’ve only seen Miles in photos.  I’ve been waiting for an east coast visit so I could not only meet him but take his picture.  He might be the cutest baby ever.  You can’t deny this face.  I drove down to take these pictures with my kids in tow.  I was literally shooting pictures of Miles while my son was jumping on my back.  Thankfully Miles was enjoying the show and full of smiles for not only my nutty kids, but his Mommy and Grandma.  Such a happy little guy!  My little ones are still talking about Miles (but they call him “Baby Daddy” because my hubby’s name is Miles as well).  As I was editing these photos there were so many oooh’s and ahhh’s from the whole family behind me along with some “Hi, Baby Dada!”‘s.

Little teeth coming in!  He was not without the drool.

Little dribble there…

I could not pick between this messy one…

And this one!  Very funny.

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