Family Portrait in Narragansett, RI – RI Family Portrait Photography

There is a reason I always suggest doing photos after 6pm. The light is amazing! Unfortunately a lot of little ones are getting ready for bed at 6pm.  It’s not a guarantee that they will be in a happy mood for photos.  Luckily Annie and her family were having a little family get away in Narragansett.  There was a time change so Annie was perfectly fine starting our portrait session at 6pm.  The result is amazing (if I do say so myself)!  I love this time of day!

See what I’m saying? You can’t beat this light.

Annie is going to be a big sister in a couple of months!

Annie’s grandparents and aunts live on the east coast so everyone joined us for some family photos

And she is off! Literally the last picture I took of the day.

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