Emma and Nicholas and Lots of Sunflowers – CT Portrait Photography

Emma and Nicholas’s birthdays are fairly close to one another. Every year I do a two in one birthday portrait for them. I’ve been dying to do a portrait in a big sunflower field. With sunflowers being as tall as they are it’s definitely not an option for babies (unless Mom and Dad join in) and most of my “clients” are itty bitty. When Emma and Nicholas’s Mom contacted me to do the birthday portrait I knew they were the perfect fit. The sun was blaring and super bright, but there was a little section of shorter sunflowers in the shade. I couldn’t have asked a better spot. And it was right next to a barn. Score!


  1. Jaime · August 21, 2012

    I always see these kids in your shoots. They are just so cute! What a perfect location!

  2. Jenn Convey · August 21, 2012

    I especially like that first black and white – striking!

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