Steve and Leanne’s Maternity Shoot in East Greenwich – RI Maternity Photography

Steve and Leanne were shopping for baby items at the fabulous store, Bellani Maternity, when they spotted my photos on the wall.   Luckily they contacted me about doing a maternity.  I’m lucky because it really was a pleasure to meet this lovely couple and be able to document this exciting time in their lives.  Spending time with them I know two things for sure.  The first thing is that they love each other, really love each other.  The second is that they are SO excited to have this little boy and be parents.  Whenever I do a maternity shoot I like to ask some questions to see what’s been going on during the pregnancy.  It makes the photos a little more personal.  Steve and Leanne have been doing renovations on their house for pretty much the duration of the pregnancy.  This is where they are going to one day live with this baby that’s cooking.  The baby is almost ready, the house is almost ready.  It’s nice to be able to capture this moment when (and where) so many great things are about to happen.

Our second stop was this cool dock close by…

Ending with my favorite!!! Love it!


  1. Jenn · August 27, 2012

    Mom looks gorgeous, fit, and fabulous…this couple looks SO happy and the pictures are beautiful! Hope mama passes on that beautiful dimple to her baby boy!

  2. Ann Chisko · August 29, 2012

    Wow, how beautiful. My grandson couldn’t have more beautiful (inside and out) parents.

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