Family Portrait in Providence, RI – RI Family Portrait Photography

How awesome is it when you go to take a picture of someone and you see them “web slinging” in your direction? I will tell you that I think it’s pretty cool. Robby likes Spiderman and he was not afraid to show it while posing for photos. I’m so happy that Mom and Dad didn’t tell him to stop it. This is who he is at this age so why not capture it in the photos? It also adds some personality to the pictures. When Stella tried to do her own spiderman hand gesture Robby did put the kabosh on that. When she wasn’t teasing her brother she was being the cutest little girl ever, playing shy. Very adorable! I do get jealous of some of my family portraits and make plans to bring my own kids to certain locations. This session definitely qualifies as one of those…

Love the personality in these pictures!

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