Elena’s Newborn Session with Big Sister, Alyssa – RI Baby Photography

It isn’t very often that you walk in a house for your portrait session and get a hug from one of your subjects.  This is actually the first time it’s happened and I will tell you it was a nice way to start!  After Alyssa gave me my hug she told me all about her grandparents, asked me about my cameras, showed me her room and wanted to know what kind of stuff I had at my house.  I’m going to guess that Alyssa doesn’t have much trouble making new friends.  We were buds after a couple of minutes.  Her new sister, Elena, was much less talkative but just as adorable.  She was only a week and a half old when we took these photos.  So precious!


While Mommy nursed little Elena to get her all happy and content for photos I went outside to take some pictures of her big sister.


Yeah, we didn’t have fun or anything…






The elusive toddler and newborn picture is usually really hard, but Alyssa made this the easiest one yet. She did such a great job!





This photo makes me laugh so much! There is so much personality. I’ve been trying to imagine what the girls will say in 20 years when they look at this picture.


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