Calvin’s First Birthday Cake Smash Portrait – RI Baby Photography

I’m so happy that family saw my photos up at Bellani Maternity because they are really just a pleasure to work with.  I’ve had the honor of taking Calvin’s photos since he was…  well in Mommy’s belly!  The first picture I took of his face was of an ultrasound photo.  Now here he is making a mess of his first birthday cake!  He is turning out to be quite the handsome devil.  Who is lucky enough to blue eyes like that?!  Can’t wait for the opportunity to capture the next phase in Calvin’s life and see the family again!













Steve and Leanne’s Maternity Shoot in East Greenwich – RI Maternity Photography

Steve and Leanne were shopping for baby items at the fabulous store, Bellani Maternity, when they spotted my photos on the wall.   Luckily they contacted me about doing a maternity.  I’m lucky because it really was a pleasure to meet this lovely couple and be able to document this exciting time in their lives.  Spending time with them I know two things for sure.  The first thing is that they love each other, really love each other.  The second is that they are SO excited to have this little boy and be parents.  Whenever I do a maternity shoot I like to ask some questions to see what’s been going on during the pregnancy.  It makes the photos a little more personal.  Steve and Leanne have been doing renovations on their house for pretty much the duration of the pregnancy.  This is where they are going to one day live with this baby that’s cooking.  The baby is almost ready, the house is almost ready.  It’s nice to be able to capture this moment when (and where) so many great things are about to happen.

Our second stop was this cool dock close by…

Ending with my favorite!!! Love it!

2011 Rewind :: Preschoolers and Big Kids – RI Portrait Photography

My final rewind post and my final post of 2011!  What an amazing, amazing year!  I can’t wait for 2012 – to meet new familes and to see everyone again.  2012 is going to be a big year for new siblings!  Four of my families are expecting a new baby this year!!  I can’t wait to meet the little ladies and gents!

This last batch of photos includes some of my favorites kids and photos.  Older kids can be a little intimidating because if they don’t like you…  well you know it!  They have hit a point of self awareness.  Now all of a sudden they have opinions on what they want to do for the pictures and how they want to look.  I love it when they can have some fun with me – when they say “Take a picture of this!” and do something pretty ridiculous.  In this post is a family I’ve done pictures for around 6 times now!  They love pictures, my kind of family!  I love my sassy rockstar with her tinsel star backdrop.  The one’s in her roller skates are awesome!  A lot of these kids’ parents were my friends in high school.  My daughter also makes an appearance in this one.  She is sitting on ledge in front of the roll up grate.  Speaking of my little girl this post features her best friend from birth, her best friend from Gymboree and her best friend for school.  She is a lucky girl to have so many buddies.  Putting these posts together has made me feel lucky as well.  Thanks for letting me photograph what you love the most – your families!  Happy New Year!

Aubrey and Riley at Goddard Park – RI Family Portrait Photography

I was very excited to meet this family in Goddard Park last week.  From reading Helena’s emails I knew I would like her.  It turns out she is not only funny but also beautiful with a gorgeous family to boot!  Sort of makes my job easy.  It was a little chilly out but the whole family were troopers.  Aubrey wrapped herself in Riley’s blanket in between shots.  Anything to keep warm and happy!  She is 2 which means she is the boss!

Such a sweetie.  She wasn’t too into the camera at first, but thankfully she warmed up to me!

Riley is 4 months.  What a handsome guy!!!  I love his flowing baby hair.  He is adorable…

Words can’t describe the cuteness.

Brother and sister love!

Peeking in on her brother’s close up.

Trying to see if there is anything hiding in my camera.

Twins at Goddard Park – RI Baby Photography

I can imagine that having identical twin babies can sort of make you feel like a celebrity.  When I asked Mom and Dad what it was like to get everyday tasks done like going to the grocery store they told me that the hardest part is being stopped by people who wanted to oooh and aaahhh over the twins.  As a matter of fact we were approached by a lady during our shoot who just couldn’t get over how cute these little ladies were.  I guess it’s sort of a good problem to have.  Who could blame all these strangers for becoming adoring fans when they see such cutie pies?

I’m just thankful I got to take photos of these ladies before they learned to walk or crawl.  That made my job easier.

See they are celebrities.  Time for an outfit change!