Tiny Baby Dillon – RI Newborn Photography

This past October I had the pleasure of doing a portrait shoot of the cutest little guy named Hunter.  At the time his mommy, Brook, was pregnant with number 2.  Hunter is now 15 months old and he just became a big brother!  This is Dillon at a whopping 10 days old.


Here is Dillon chillin’


Big brother getting in some smooches…  Well they were more like licks.



Getting a peak at the baby

Mandy, Derrick and Ada (plus Roscoe) at Roger Williams Park – RI Family Photographer

 One of the first things you must think about my web site is “Man, that is one awesome banner!”  Well, we can thank Mandy here for designing it.  Although I think she’d prefer it if you said the banner was rad instead of awesome, but that’s ok. 

 Mandy and I have lots of mutual friends, but had never met.  Then when I was pregnant with my son, Max, I found out that this mysterious person named Mandy was also pregnant.  Mandy was due to have her baby two weeks after me.  Then Max turned out to be breach (or should I say didn’t turn at all).  Mandy also had a stubborn breach baby.  All these similarities, but we never met.  Once I had Max my husband was always saying how cool Mandy was and how I should hang out with her.  Well, she is and now I do (when it isn’t snowing and if either of us can ever find the time). 

Here she is with her stubborn little lady, Ada, Derrick and their first baby and puppy, Roscoe.  These are definitely some of my favorite family pics to date.  I hope they love them as much as I love my banner.  Thanks, Mandy!





Tiny Test Shoot


A couple of times a year I do mini portrait sessions for a discounted price.  On February 12th and 13th I’m doing 20 minute tiny shoots.  I only have 9am on Sunday left so if you are interested in booking that spot let me know. 

This session of tiny shoots is all about balloons.  I did some test shots with my own kids.  Here they are…

My son would only sit still for one picture.


Thankfully my daughter is a ham

Baby Eli at Roger Williams Park – RI Baby Photographer

I did this family portrait session back in October at my family portrait day in the park.  Now this February I’m going to be doing Eli’s first year portrait.  I’m sure he will look like a different baby when I see him next.  They get big so quick!  One thing that I’m sure won’t change is how insanely beautiful this child is!  When I saw him the first thing I noticed was his eyes.  They are an amazing blue!  I don’t know if I’ve ever even seen eyes this blue before.  Too bad I made all these photos black and white.  You’ll have to check back for the portrait next month to get a good look at them!  In the mean time enjoy these sweet photos of Eli and his parents.

I love this door!  Add a little sun flare and I’m happy.

Little Hunter at Roger Williams Park – RI Baby Photographer

I was looking at my “Things to do” list for January and high on the top was email Brooke! Back in October when Brooke and her beautiful family came to my family portrait day she was (and still is) pregnant with #2. We made plans to do a newborn shoot when the baby comes. He should be here any day now. Before I post the pictures of the newborn I wanted to give Hunter his time in the spotlight!  He’ll be sharing it with someone else soon enough. 

Family happiness AND sun flare!?  Love it!

Hunter is going to be about a year older than his new brother.  Being so close in age means Hunter is not only getting a new brother.  He’s also getting a new best friend.

Who couldn’t love this little face?


Can’t wait to see you guys and your new arrival!