Tiny Shoot with Tiny Alex

Another familiar face!  Alex’s beautiful little mug has already appeared on my blog.  He is a mini shoot pro!  He and his family were at my mini shoot park day back in October.  He was a tiny little peanut back then with a blocked tear duct.  It made him look like he was always fresh from a cry.  What can I say?  It was sort of cute.  Now he is almost a year old!  The time just flies!  I know his mom, Michelle, is most likely feeling a little emotional about this milestone birthday.  Alex, the sweet adorable baby, will soon be…  Do I even say it?  A toddler!  Well, we aren’t there yet so let’s not rush it.  Here are some pictures of Alex as the cute little baby that he is.

Alex is a man of many hats…


Love these!


There was a lot of peek-a-boo-ing and other silliness going on behind me while I was snapping photos.  Alex was making everyone work for a smile!  We did get one!


I actually kind of like the serious Alex.

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