Alexander’s First Birthday Portrait Part Two – RI Baby Photographer

Today is officially Alexander’s first birthday!  What better time to post the second half of his first birthday pictures?!  We pretty much scheduled this portrait around whether or not these daffodils had bloomed.  My father in law is a professor at Salve Regina.  He was on daffodil lookout for us!  A big thanks to him because we might have missed out on this awesome location! 

I’ve done some engagement pictures in this same spot, but really this location was made for a little baby!  Adults are just too big to get the full effect.

Time for some sweets!  Alex was more interested in the candle at first…

obviously that didnt’ last long.

His mind is blown!

Alexander’s First Year Portrait in Newport Part 1- RI Baby Photography

Alexander is turning a year old any day now!  The first year goes by so fast!  I am always honoured to do newborn shoots and first year portraits.  I think they are such special times for the parents.  Alex’s parents were married in Newport so what better spot to do his first year portrait. At first I had a different spot on the beach in mind.  Just on a whim I decided to drive up the road to see if there was anything that caught my eye.  I saw this boardwalk and it was a done deal!  I’m so happy I spotted it!  Michelle, I hope these pictures are worth the splinters and sand we had to battle! 

Stayed tuned for Part Two of Alex’s birthday portrait extravaganza!!

Francesca Portrait Shoot in Providence – RI Children Photography

I’m so happy that my daughter, Zoe, has a friend like Francesca.  She is one of my most favorite people in the world.  Francesca is  spunky to say the least and full of energy.  So when it was time to do her pictures I looked for some cool spots in Providence.   I thought the city would fit her personality.  It was definitely an adventure.

Of course Zoe had to be included in these pictures!  Zoe’s Dad and Francesca’s Dad are best friends.  Over the years Francesca’s Mom has become one of my closest friends.  It is no wonder that these two are now as Francesca says “Best Buds”.  It’s in their genes!

We drove all over town to some crazy locations!  Thank you for indulging me, Liz!

Cooper’s First Communion Portrait (with Carson) – Roger Williams Park

For those of you who might have known me in high school then you would also know these handsome dude’s mom, Cindy.  We were sort of inseparable.  We probably killed a forest with the amount of notes that we wrote each other.  We had codes and code names so no one would be able to decipher the important information written in those notes.  I guess you could say we had our own language.  The amount of time spent on the phone…  Let’s just be thankful that there weren’t cell phones back then!  We’d both have brain tumors right now as a result of all the talking.

What is really crazy to me is that Cindy’s son, Cooper, is 9 and about to make his first communion!  We aren’t old enough to have 9 year olds, are we?  I guess so!  Cindy bought Cooper a snazzy new suit for the occasion so she wanted some nice pictures of him taken in it.  Let’s not forget his little brother, Carson!  He also got a matching suit! 

Cooper was a pro at posing!  He jumped in this beautiful tree without me telling him.  Great idea, Cooper!

Olivia’s Rockin’ Birthday Shoot – RI Portrait Photography

Olivia just turned 7 years old in March.  7!!!  She is definitely a girly girl who fancies herself a rockstar.  When it was time to do her birthday portrait shoot I thought we should girl it up with a little glitz and glamour but with a seven year old kind of edge.  That’s where the hot pink back drop and the twinkle tinsel stars come in!  Just add Olivia and Voila!  Rockstar portrait shoot, but G Rated!


Olivia did this pose with her hat and I couldn’t stop laughing!  Perfect!  You can see that this set is totally Olivia!


Olivia’s Mom made this cool guitar so she could have something to rock out with.

The third outfit change!  Olivia had her birthday party at a roller skating rink!  I love roller skates!  I knew we had to incorporate them into the shoot.


The picture on the right kills me!