Ben and Jonah Birthday Portait – RI Children Photography


Ben and Jonah are brothers who have birthdays that are 2 days apart!  This year Ben turned 5 and Jonah turned 2 years old.  Together they are a bundle of energy!  Chasing these guys around hard work!  These boys have an uncanny talent.  If one is sitting nicely the other one is somewhere else.  When you try to bring them together the brother who was sitting nicely immediately gets up and runs away.  It’s sort of amazing!

I think these pictures are so much fun!  This one of Ben is the first photo I took.  After this the action began…


I brought out some crinkly paper to put on the floor to add a little dimension to the pictures.  As soon as it was out both boys emptied the packages and were throwing it around!  I love these!!


Action shots! 


Ben is too funny!


You know why Jonah is so happy?  He just pushed his brother off of his chair!



Jonah was in love with this rocking chair!  I’m surprised he didn’t try to swipe it!


Ben on the other hand was in love with the big ball of crinkle paper!


PS I made the banners in the background!  Getting my craft on! 


  1. Rebecca · April 5, 2011

    I LOVE THEM! You as always did a fantastic job. Without you I would have not good pictures of my kids. Thank You

  2. Lori-Jean Smith · April 8, 2011

    I only have one issue with the pictures…I can’t choose one for my wall…they are all terrific but then you did have a good subject matter…the crazy B boys…luv them all

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