A Peek at Melissa’s Maternity Portrait – RI Maternity Photography

Nine months may seem like a long time when you are pregnant, but it really is a blip on the radar in the grand scheme of things.  You may be a little exhausted, maybe sick to your stomach at times, but once you feel that little flutter of movement it is all worth it!  I don’t think I have to tell anyone how amazing it is to have a life grow inside of you.  Instead I will remind everyone to do something special to remember this time in thier lives.  I was very reluctant to have pictures taken of myself when I was pregnant with my second child, but I did them.  The pictures I have of my daughter, Zoe, and my pregnant self are now so special to me.  At the time I was uncomfortable and ready to pop.  I don’t see that when I look at the pictures now.  They bring me back to a time filled with excitement and anticipation to finally meet the little guy who would complete our family.

Melissa on the other hand has always wanted to do maternity pictures.  I was happy to be the one who got to take them for her!  She is expecting a little boy in September.  In an email she told me ” Oh and I’m thrilled he’s a boy! I wanted a boy and still get teary every time I think about him! I’m thrilled I get to be his mom!”

Emma and Nicholas at Roger Williams Park – RI Children’s Photography

If you follow my site then you must have seen these kids.  How could you forget them?  When their Mom asked me to do some Easter pictures there was a lot of plans.  She was going to get a bunny, but the bunny was too much of a diva.  It couldn’t make it to the shoot because it needed a salon day.  Then she was going to bring some Easter-y kind of stuff for the pictures and forgot it all at home.  For those of you who have more than one kid and a puppy you can understand how these things happen.  When your kids are as cute as Emma and Nicholas you don’t really need anything!  Those eyes are enough cuteness for one person to handle!


I love these!

This is such a great time for pictures!  All the blooming trees are so colorful.  If you blink you will miss it!  It is here and gone in a flash.  I’m so happy I got to take advantage of them while they are here.

Throwing flowers up in the air

Avery’s First Birthday Cake Smash Part Two – RI Baby Photographer

Part two of Avery’s first year portrait!

The Cake Smash portrait is the new thing to do when your little baby turns a year old.  As a photographer I think it is really fun!  You just don’t know what’s going to happen!  Is the baby going to like it?  Are they going to even know what’s in front of them or worse yet will they care?  Basically you put the cake in place and hope for the best!  At first Avery was more interested in the shredded paper I had put down…

Contemplating this new little pink thing that has appeared… 

Didn’t take her long to figure out what to do with it!

And she is happy she did!

Avery’s big sister, Cady, watched her sister enjoy her cupcake.  She had to be held back a little bit.  Didn’t want to miss all the fun!  Thankfully her Mommy and Daddy brought a second cupcake so Cady could have a treat after Avery’s “smash” was done.

Avery’s First Bee Day Portrait Part 1 – RI Baby Photography

I am seriously having some major problems editing photos for this blog!  I just want to put them all up!  Honestly when you get a little girl like Avery in front of your camera who is giving you cuteness and then more cuteness… Well, you can see how I’m having a problem.  So I’ve decided to dedicate two posts to her first year photo shoot.  First post is all about her adorable birthday outfit.  Her mom bought it on Etsy, of course.  Etsy is a dangerous site because there is so much cute stuff on it but you should still check it out.  Click here to go to the store she bought it from.  As you can see it says “It’s my 1st Bee Day” on her onesie.  Pretty darn cute, but not as cute as Avery!  As I was editing the pictures I kept yelling out things like “Seriously!” or “Shut Up!” (that means I think she looked really cute in the picture).  So, now it’s time for you to yell out because when you see how cute she is you won’t be able to control yourself!

Be on the lookout for part 2…  The cake smash!