Avery’s First Bee Day Portrait Part 1 – RI Baby Photography

I am seriously having some major problems editing photos for this blog!  I just want to put them all up!  Honestly when you get a little girl like Avery in front of your camera who is giving you cuteness and then more cuteness… Well, you can see how I’m having a problem.  So I’ve decided to dedicate two posts to her first year photo shoot.  First post is all about her adorable birthday outfit.  Her mom bought it on Etsy, of course.  Etsy is a dangerous site because there is so much cute stuff on it but you should still check it out.  Click here to go to the store she bought it from.  As you can see it says “It’s my 1st Bee Day” on her onesie.  Pretty darn cute, but not as cute as Avery!  As I was editing the pictures I kept yelling out things like “Seriously!” or “Shut Up!” (that means I think she looked really cute in the picture).  So, now it’s time for you to yell out because when you see how cute she is you won’t be able to control yourself!

Be on the lookout for part 2…  The cake smash!


  1. Jenn C · May 3, 2011

    Shut up! (She really is that adorable!). Nice job on these!

  2. Amanda · May 3, 2011

    Love love love love love! 🙂

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