Rosie’s Portrait Shoot at the Studio – RI Portrait Photographer

There is just something about Rosie.  I love her.  It’s sort of funny because the first time I took pictures of her wasn’t the easiest shoot for me.  I pretty much chased her around some gardens for almost two whole hours!  She did not want me to take her picture.  The photos ended up being some of my favorites.  After doing those portraits I have been looking forward to taking Rosie’s pictures again.

Rosie’s Mom loves stars.  Sort of like a certain photographer I know.  When she saw the set up we had for our holiday mini shoots she wanted Rosie to have her portrait done in front of them.  Thankfully she was smart enough to book a whole portrait session instead of a mini.  Who knows if Rosie would warm up in 20 minutes?  Actually Rosie ended up having a great time getting her pictures done.  She didn’t want to leave the studio when it was done!

See what I mean?  don’t you just love her?

These pictures kill me!

Perfect girl for this backdrop!!


  1. Jennifer Oliver Nunes · December 4, 2011

    Good thing I am not Rosie’s mom!! How can you pick from these beautiful choices??? xoxo

  2. heather g. · December 4, 2011

    wOw!! what a beauty… and what beautiful photos!!

  3. · December 5, 2011

    I Love Rosie!!! Another beautiful job Melissa!!!!

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