Tristan and Addison’s Portrait Shoot in Pawtucket – RI Family Photography

Sometimes after I do a portrait I get a little jealous.  I see these great pictures of someone else’s family and I wish it was my family in them!  You might also get a little jealous if you continue to look at this blog post.  My studio is in an old mill building which means the outside is just as cool as the inside.  When I saw Tristan’s sweater I knew Mom and Dad would be down for something a little cooler so we ventured out.  Not cooler in temperature because it was like 60 degrees out.  I mean cooler in attitude.  We really lucked out with the weather, wardrobe choice and a really fun backdrop.  Everything came together perfectly.

I’m crazy for this picture…

And this one…

When Mom first emailed me she told me that her husband was in Afghanistan!  We couldn’t set a date until she knew exactly when he was coming home.  This is a really sweet family and I’m so happy that everyone is safe here at home and able to spend the holidays together.  I hope these pictures make the homecoming just that much sweeter.

Love it!

The expression kills me!  Addison is only 2 months old.  She is so adorable!

The whole family!!

Such a good big brother.

The beginning was all about Tristan so Addison needed some time in the spotlight inside where it is warm and cozy.

One comment

  1. Jenn C · December 6, 2011

    Melissa – these are probably my faves of all of your family photo shoots – these are stunning! I especially love the last one. Wow!

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